Krai Sith’s original site was built elaborately, with full of compassionate heart and showing smile!!

“Krai Sith Charity” site was a profound historical land, formerly located at the site of the Embassy of China in Thailand. After the year 1975, the local Chinese set up “Krai Sith Charity” and it became a well-known charity among the Thai-Chinese society. Its righteous deeds on extensive charity and disaster relief had gained highly praise and evaluation from the overseas Chinese in Thailand. In the year 2009, in order to make efficient use of the land held by the charity and to make greater contributions for social charity, Athens International Group had ultimately determined to invite part of Singapore Chinese to allocate 500 million Baht to set up “Asia Construction and Development Co., Ltd.” in Bangkok, Thailand, to carry out re-planning, development and construction on the charity’s plot of land. Then, Bangkok Smile Square emerged at the right moment.