Guaranteed income of 18% for the first three years, actual rental divided into 1:9 for the 4th and 5th year (gain stable enough to smile)

One-stop shopping centers from the first phase of development are divided into “stores down the street” and “mall stores”. Purchase of “mall stores”, returns are carried out in accordance with the 5%, 6%, 7% of rate for the first 3 years, guarantee income of 18% for 3 years, actual rental divided into 1:9 for the 4th and 5th year. Charter for five years, not only guarantee the unified management of shopping malls, but also protect the operating returns to investors at the beginning years. Five years later when the stores operations have come to mature stage, the rental will spontaneously increase all the way.

Store available next to the central mall, starting at 1.8 million Baht (easy investment happy smile)

Payment method - 5% deposit to confirm booking, down payment 25%, and 70% payment upon delivery. You can own a flourishing store in Bangkok centre with just the lowest total price of 1.8 million Baht. The future of real estate appreciation and rental growth is booming, so-called: a shop in hands, three generations no worries!

Invest 1.8 million Baht, immediately earn 320,000 Baht
Invest 4 million Baht, immediately earn 720,000 Baht
Then gain a gold shop next to the central mall!

Unified management, stable returns, zero risk, buy more to earn more.